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Skunkfunk is all about 'keeping it real'. At Skunkfunk, they don't 'follow the herd' with their fashion lines. They produce a range of 'multi-funktional' garments - for example clothes that are reversible and detachable.

In essence, our clothes are adaptable to a number of different situations and environments and our designs inspire individuality and practicality. Our funky, fresh approach to fashion is encompassed in all of our designs, with influences coming from a number of cultures across the world.

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Skunk Funk began in 1996 with a simple t-shirt collection which developed into the Skunk Funk clothing range over 4 subsequent years. There are now at least 300 items of clothing, and they keep coming! We stock a fabulous selection here at the Alternative Store, from sleeveless summer tops to warm hoodies and jackets.

Skunk Funk is all about keeping it real, and they create original clothing which is often multifunctional; sometimes being reversible or featuring detachable pieces. Adaptable and practical, Skunk Funk clothing is a stylish and fresh approach to fashion where designs are influenced by cultures all over the world.

This is a quote from Mikel Feijoo Elzo, founder of Skunkfunk: 'Our objective is to make clothes that will last in terms of both durability and fashion - clothes that are versatile and make our customers feel comfortable, confident and funky. We do not follow the latest fashions because our designs are here to stay. At Skunkfunk, our aim is to 'keep it real'. We don't invest in expensive advertising campaigns, which would only result in our clothes increasing in price. This way we leave some change in your pockets'.

For ladies, this gorgeous 'Alai Dress' is very flattering and is perfect for those long summer evenings, as well as out and about casually. And if you have a boyfriend, he could wear this 'Grey Stripe' mens shirt, so you can complement each other perfectly! Just a suggestion.. :)

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