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Edgy designs and styles are Famous Stars and Straps stock in trade, pushing designs with a growl, taking no nonsense from anyone. The familiar "F" of the brand is a badge of honour, to be worn by those who actually get it. You don't just buy the style, you have to earn it.

Famous Stars and Straps (or simply Famous) is an American clothing and accessory line created by Travis Barker. The company is based in Ontario, California. Famous Stars And Straps clothing is influenced by music genres such as punk rock. The line consists mostly of men's t-shirts, jackets, hats, and socks although recently a women's line was added consisting of bikinis, shirts, pants, etc. They also specialize in accessories such as belt buckles, bandanas, and skateboard decks. The brand's "F" logo, which is referred to as the 'Badge of Honor', is used to represent the line. The Badge of Honor was created for Travis Barker by a popular MySpace icon known as "RockDaMullet". The logo is often used in words such as 'Family', 'Famous' or 'Forever'. FSAS is also known for having skateboard, BMX, and motorcycle stunt teams. Members of these teams are referred to as the "FSAS Family".

FSAS's Creator

Famous Stars and Straps (FSAS for short) is a clothing and accessories brand created by the former drummer of Blink 182, Travis Barker. Barker set up the company in 1999 after being inspired by punk rock and hip hop as well as his Skater lifestyle. In fact, he said himself that he draws inspiration from 'everything'.

For example, apparently the design for one of the FSAS t.shirts was inspired after Barker watched his children play with alphabet building blocks. I'm not entirely convinced, but nevertheless, all the clothes from the FSAS range are really cool, so it's no surprise that the Famous Stars and Straps clothing is worn by loads of celebrities. Members from bands such as Lostprophets, Sum 41, Bullet for My Valentine and Black Eyed Peas are just a few of the well known fans of FSAS clothing.

We sell a huge range of Famous Stars and Straps clothing here at the Alternative Store, including girls clothing such as this lovely 'BOH Burnout' White T-Shirt which is simple but shapely and fitting. We also sell lots of stuff from the mens range such as this 'Killer' Black T-Shirt which is really mean looking!

FSAS Clothing

Famous Stars and Straps (FSAS for short) is an American clothing and accessories brand influenced by punk rock and hip hop. The creator of this brand is the former drummer of Blink 182, Travis Barker. Since forming the company based in California in 1999, FSAS clothing has been worn by a wealth of bands and celebrities. Sum 41, Lost Prophets, Black Eyed Peas, and Travis Barker's bandmates, all champion these wild designs.

The Famous Stars and Straps line consists of t.shirts, hoodies, trousers and all kinds of accessories including belts and bags. All the designs have been inspired by Barker's skater lifestyle, and the brand has developed cult status. Famous Stars and Straps has a voracious fan base among skateboard, BMX and motorbike stunt teams; these teams make up the 'FSAS Family'

It's no wonder that the world of street sports and music eat up these effortlessly cool designs. The FSAS style is pure street toughness, and we bring a whole selection of men's and womenswear for those that aren't interested in looking like everyone else. You can escape in these awesome clothes, and throw on a slice of raw Californian attitude.

With a street smart look and rock'n'roll crunch, the belts and buckles just shrug off conformity. There's no point in fitting in like everyone else. Now Famous Stars and Straps has hit the UK, and there's no escape.

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