Emily Strange Clothing

There's no place like alone! Emily the Strange was born in the early 90's by Cosmic Debris and has grown into one of the most popular characters in the world! Her range of girls clothing and accessories has a dark humour to it.

Emily Strange Clothing

Moonlight white skin, jet black hair... she's a girl of uncomplicated taste. Black dress. Black Stockings. White Mary Jane Shoes. She walks with four black cats - Miles, Mystery, NeeChee and Sabbath - her constant companions in her world.

Also known as Emily the Strange, she has become an unlikely icon. Adopting none of the "look at me" attitudes of over-the-top cartoon stereotypes, Emily is about embracing the unique. It's about being yourself, and truly individual. She doesn't do conformity. She doesn't do stupid. And she certainly doesn't do pink.

Emily Strange emerged into view in the early 90's, with an attitude of not accepting and questioning the world around her, encouraging others to do the same. Bringing her quick wits and sharp focus to hand screened t-shirts and stickers, it was impossible to ignore her observations and personal philosophy. Not just a figurehead of feminism, but also of youth, her popularity has grown from t-shirt designs to a range of hoodies, tops, bags, shoes and more.

Emily's a complicated girl...

With friends all over the world, the image of Emily Strange has drawn people in with her fascinating appearance and style. Just by looking at her, you can tell there are bizarre, strange thoughts going on in her head.

Now a counter-culture face in popular culture world, Emily Strange is inspiring girls to strike out on their own and do things their way. Take a look at the great choice of items bearing the enigmatic white face and straight black hair of Emily the Strange. Each bag, garment or pair of shoes reflects Emily's quietly smart outlook and sardonic sense of humour.

You will see the familiar face of Emily Strange at our online store, with a selection of items that are truly individual.

Emily Strange Shoes

Emily Strange was born in 1991, founded from clothing line Cosmic Debris. She is a mysterious gothic girl wearing a black dress and black stockings, and white Mary Jane shoes. She also has 4 black cats with her much of the time. With her pale skin and jet black hair, she has become almost a feminist icon, with her image adorned on clothing, shoes, stationary and stickers.

She has a dark, gothic persona, and her merchandise is very popular in the gothic/emo scene. We sell a wide range of Emily Strange clothing at the Alternative Store, including Emily Strange shoes.

If you've worn Emily strange shoes before, you'll have already found them to be sturdy, reliable shoes that are essential for your look. And if you're new to the shoes, perhaps you've got a stash of cool Emily Strange t.shirts and hoodies; why not get a pair of Emily Strange shoes to complete the look? They're really unique in design, and are just brill for the emo or gothic outfit. Have a look at these Emily Strange Mary Jane shoes, great for a dark look. Or the Emily Strange ballet pumps which are also dark but with a girly, delicate edge. We also sell skate trainers.

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