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Enter the world of the gang culture-infused streetwear brand from Los Angeles and you too can live life on the edge, on the fringes, and know what it’s like to be a true villain. After all, the Crooks & Castles label is all about gang life and is proud to be villainous.

The brainchild of Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio who decided back in 2002 that they wanted to express themselves – their background, experiences, beliefs – through their clothing. So they invented the Crooks & Castles brand, an incredibly street-smart label with a simple concept that inspired and continues to inspire fans around the world.

"Crooks" are the criminals, the hustlers, pimps and thieves of this world. "Castles" are the lucky folk who've grew rich by becoming a crook. This theory goes for individuals and empires alike as behind every success story is someone who did something crooked to achieve their goal. What could be simpler?

Throughout their lives, Dennis and Robert had rooted for the villain, whether in comics, rap, movies or everyday life. This is what comes of growing up in Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s when gang culture was rife, not to mention the norm. With gangs on every street corner, you had to adapt and these guys decided to do something better – to strive to become the next big rich crooks.

If being cool is criminal, then the guys behind Crooks & Castles should be arrested! We at the Alternative Store can’t make our minds up on just what gives this streetwear label its competitive edge – is it the quality of the clothes? The bold designs? The clean lines of the graphics? The great fit of each item? Or is the brand’s gangster-fuelled background that seeps through each and every Crooks & Castles design and demands to be noticed?

No, we can't decide either. But whatever it is, it's captivated fans across the globe, including megastars like Kanye West, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and The Games.

Criminally good designs

Crooks & Castles know what they're about and stick to their core graphics and slogans across their wide range of clothing. So you can choose between the different styles and colours of their popular Airgun logo, which is splashed across t-shirts, sweaters, vests and more; as well as the in-your-face Cocaine And Caviar slogan that can be worn with pride on your t-shirt, jumper or snapback cap in lots of cool, urban shades.

Plus, because we stock so many items from the Crooks & Castles range, you can complement your wardrobe with a few understated items from this hip brand. Sometimes you can say so much more by saying far less, such as with the Standard of Purity t-shirt and core logo black-on-black designs.

The Crooks & Castles label gives you the designs you want to wear, no matter where you live or which gang you belong to.

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