Criminal Damage Clothing

A step ahead of the trends, Criminal Damage is known for its effortlessly cool looks. This East London based brand has hit the streets and music stages around the world.

Criminal Damage has produced a range of clothes that explore worlds of both the understated and the wild. The Criminal Damage clothing collection draws from the strengths of its designers, who really take the lead in coming up with new and provocative styles. Subtle or bold, light or shade, you will find your style with Criminal Damage clothing.

At the forefront of the latest streetwear fashions, Criminal Damage's checked shirts and tops for men and women are always the perfect choice. Boasting a great fit, these cutting edge shirts have a free and easy style and excellent details such as breast pockets and multi button cuffs.

At The Alternative Store, we have a selection of Criminal Damage skinny and wide bottom style jeans that continue to define a generation. Available in a wide range of shades and colours for girls and guys, the stretch fit skinny jeans have a cotton and lycra mix to give them their perfect shape and fit.

Awesome t-shirt designs, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets and dresses all make up Criminal Damage's outstanding range of clothing. Take some of that urban edge with you on that next night out. Order today from our Criminal Damage clothing range!

Criminal Damage and Controversy

Criminal Damage clothing is an alternative style, appealing especially to the emo/goth scene. They're no stranger to controversy though, after creating the 'Hannibal Hoodie' which completely covers the wearer's face when zipped right up. They were classed as "an ideal cover for criminals", as though criminals couldn't find anything else to cover their faces with. In fact, Criminal Damage are mocking the common assumption that hoody wearers are up to no good. If you have sense of humour, you can see that Criminal Damage are just having a laugh, and getting some extra publicity as a result of the chaos.

Anyway, we stock loads of clothing from the Criminal Damage range including jeans and hoodies.
Criminal Damage is all about bold prints, neon colours and alternative designs, and we have something for everyone here with a huge range of their alternative, gothic, punk and emo hoodies, jeans, t shirts and dresses.

Our range of Criminal Damage hoodies include a huge variety of colours and designs. Criminal damage take great pride in their hoody designs; from allover print to plain hoodies, as well as geometric prints to cartoon strips.

One of the great things about the Criminal Damage range is that you can create your individual look without spending too much! They're also brilliant quality. Whatever your preference of colour or style, there's fantastic choice here at the Alternative Store.

Why compromise? Criminal Damage jeans from The Alternative Store

Criminal Damage jeans have all the styles you need for kicking back or going out. Criminal Damage brings jeans and pants for the boys and the girls, as well as a range of unisex styles. There's something for the most extreme tastes.

Criminal Damage's classic skinny jeans have the perfect tight leg look; the 96% cotton and 4% lycra mix creates a great stretch material, making them surprisingly comfortable no matter how long you're out and about for. Available in a choice of colours, these skinny jeans have the up to the second look and style. Criminal Damage also have a range of cord pants like the Damcord and Megacord trousers, available in natural colours. The Damcord and Megacord pants are big, flared trousers with a great look and feel, and are brilliant alternatives to Criminal Damage denim jeans.

Modern classics for your individuality: Criminal Damage jeans

Constantly popular with emos, skaters and those with that fly in the face of high street fashion, the Blunt Criminal Damage jeans have a cool, baggy style that flare out to the cuff. The Blunt jeans have four deep pockets; the two back pockets are set halfway down the thigh. Finished of with an embroidered Criminal Damage logo on the right side, these jeans are the ultimate in comfort and attitude. The original baggy jeans, the Criminal Damage Board jeans are designed with one large pocket side pocket and two pockets with velcro closures on the opposite side. Made of thick, high quality denim, these jeans just seem to run and run.

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