Adio Shoes

Adio is an established brand of skateboarding trainers, launched in 1998 by skater Chris Miller. The brand has been endorsed by some of the top names in skateboarding including Shaun White. Adio shoes are one of the original authentic skate brands, symbolic of everything popular culture with their innovative style and quality.

Adio is also very much concerned with underprivileged youth and aspiring talent. Their campaign 'Pay it Forward' provides shoes and decks for kids through the Skateboarding Park Association as well as skate school across America.

Adio are also boosting the next generation of skaters by supplying Adio shoes to the pros of the future, and so giving them the tools they need for the next level.

Not only this, but this remarkable brand also provides Adio shoes for bands such as Guns n Roses, Disturbed, HIM and Blink 182, and aligns themselves further in the music industry through their successful Rock Adio program, sponsoring the next generation of bands and aspiring musicians.

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