Actual Pain Clothing

Founded in 2006, Actual Pain is a brand of clothing inspired from heavy metal music, ancient religions and occult philosophies. Musician and designer TJ Cowgill has run Actual Pain pretty much on his own, which he says owes much to his success with Actual Pain clothing.

Based in Seattle, Actual Pain has done several collaborations with brands such as NishkaNYC and Rebel 8 among others. With a fast growing graphic T-shirt market, Actual Pain pushes the boundaries, moving away from just a 'shirt', and creating pieces of wearable art that you wear with pride.

Actual Pain clothing often sells out of designs quickly, as people are so eager to get their hands on the latest releases. Actual Pain clothing is rarely ever reprinted, as it's limited to each season. With such a saturated market of streetwear brands, Actual Pain is here to give people a way to stand out and say something completely different.

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