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New Look Women's Department!

DC, Rebel8, Insight 51, Get Cutie, Rock Steady, FSAS, Vacant, Iron Fist, Volcom

So as you will have seen over the past few months we have been going through huge changes and our new brands, products and items have been attracting a really exciting and positive response. Due to pre-orders in retail, we buy almost a year in advance so we have been working on re-branding ourselves and transforming our site and store for the last 2 years but only now are we nearing completion of the 'new us.'

Our men's section has seen the most changes of recent and the addition of new brands. Our women's section took more time and needed more work on perfecting our current brand stock too, focusing on buying with a female eye with our new female buyer and also increased amount of female staff. We are so excited and confident you will be too with our latest drops and offerings for women.

We aimed to represent all shapes, sizes, looks, identities and presentations of women and girls and really provide a wide range of options, sizes and designs to try and cater to everyone.

With this, we took on several new brands, namely Rebel8, Volcom, Get Cutie, Rock Steady, Vacant, Insight 51 and we also progressed with our current brands such as Famous Stars and Straps (FSAS), DC Womens, Criminal Damage and Iron Fist, ensuring we are up to date with the hottest styles and designs and operating on the forefront of women's fashion progression.

The drops have started to arrive to complete our transformation and we will feature new brands as they drop, picking out all of our favourite key pieces, staff picks and brand introductions etc.

Right now, there are some sneak peaks of the new sections in our store on facebook. We'll also post some product links to our site for the key items shown too on there!