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Stereo Bags Rock Our World!!!

We are in love with these stereo bags!!


We don't sell rubbish bags.

You know we stock a massive range of bags, right? You didn't?
Eastpak bags are so good. Get invoved by clicking these words right here.

We're back!! and more awesome than ever!!!

Yeah, we've been a little quiet, thats cos we've been dead busy getting fresh products in and packing up orders for everyone.

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and looked at our stuff and those who bought things - we drank a couple of sherrys to you this year.

The news still bleats on about recession and credit crunch, but its still nice to treat yourself, so feel free to head over to our site for loads of reduced items - we're clearing out in a big way so you can find some real bargains from the likes of Atticus, Punkrose and Famous Stars and Straps to name a few.

We've also had a fresh drop of Paint The Stars and its blooming lovely.

Still reading and want some more? Sheeesh....okay, if you haven't seen this already, this dude blows our mind on the BMX. (think he's sponsored by DC......which funnily enough we stock!)